Peiyang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

모듈 식 아세톤 용매 회수 설비

Project Name

Modular Acetone Solvent Recovery Plant


Jinan, China


November 2015


Pharmaceutical company

Codes & standard


Scope of work


PCC provides EPC service, including process engineering design, pipe match, equipment
design & manufacture, electrical appliance & meter installation, site installation guidance,
commissioning and startup, training etc.


The owner is the largest pharmaceutical intermediates Cephems in China. The feed is acetone
mixed gas. The client requested that the yield is 95%, the purity is above 90%, the tail gas VOC
is below 80PPM (mg/m3). The purity of our experiment and process can reach 97%. Other data
can meet the requirements of the client.


The plant is running successfully and stably since started in November 2015.
The client is very satisfied, and develop long term cooperation with PCC.

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